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Welcome to Center for Evidence-Based Programming - We publish proven educational programs that can make a positive difference in the lives of young people. We are committed to providing outstanding educational programs for kids throughout the country. The Center for Evidence-Based Programming offers outstanding educational programs that are have garnered national awards and other distinctions around the country for their proven positive influence in thousands of young people's lives.

The words "evidence-based programming" are in the name of the company for a reason. We don't just say our products work. All of our products have published evidence of positive outcomes. Results of rigorous evaluations have been presented at national and international conferences and published in scholarly journals. Keep A Clear Mind is on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs & Practices, and several states and agencies have placed Keep A Clear Mind on their "approved" or "model" program list.

The Sex Can Wait/Living Smart curriculum series and the training program from which it originated has also won a number of national awards. Positive evaluations have been presented at national and international conferences and have been the topic of a number of journal articles.

Evaluations of Be A Winner have been presented at conferences and published in scholarly journals. In addition, the program received an outstanding community health promotion award from the Arkansas Department of Health.

The Center for Evidence-Based Programming is not a big company, but we are dynamic and committed to our cause. It's Carol and it's me (Michael) - and we aren't employees, it's our company. We cater mostly to public schools and community agencies that work with schools. We give great customer service and we do our best to build personal relationships with the people who express an interest in our products. We pack each order ourselves to make sure the customers get exactly what they want. When we do make a mistake (which is not often, but they do happen), we make it right, right away.

The Center for Evidence-Based Programming is located at:
143 Blue Heron Drive
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913.
You may reach us by phone at 501-622-9100; 501-617-8400 or by email at or

Michael and Carol Young

Copies of evaluation articles and other journal publications are available on request.


Vision: We are nationally recognized as a top provider of evidence-based health education programs.

Mission: We develop, field-test, and publish outstanding evidence-based health education programs.

We provide high quality teacher/leader training in health education.

We assist schools and community agencies in implementing and evaluating health education programs.

We conduct research related to program evaluation, health behavior, and health education especially research linked to adolescent health.



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