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Purchasing Options/Shipping/Sales Tax

Customers may pay by: (1) credit card through Pay Pal, (2) sending us a check with their purchase order, or (3) sending a check upon the receipt of their order and our invoice. We do have to pay the credit card company to make the credit option available, so we pass part of the cost (2.5 percent of the cost of materials) along to the customer.  This charge is added to the total amount at checkout. It is listed as tax but it is really this 2.5% charge. Our current arrangement with Pay Pal allows us to accept credit cards on orders for which the total purchase price does not exceed $2,000.

If your order is for more than $2,000, you can break it up into more than one order or if you don't want to use a credit card, that's fine too. You can still send a purchase order via email attachment (to evidence_based@yahoo.com) or U.S. Mail (Center for Evidence-Based Programming, 143 Blue Heron Drive, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913) or just call (501-622-9100) or email and tell us what you want and where you want your order sent. If we will need to reference a purchase order number when we invoice, then be sure to provide us with that number.

Purchasing Be A Winner t-shirts - We have always made Be A Winner t-shirts available with the Partners In Prevention logo on the back. This also includes the name of the school and the law enforcement (or other sponsoring) agency. These are still available for purchase, but not via the credit card option. Because these shirts are customized for your organization a minimum order of 36 shirts is required. The price depends on the number of shirts ordered. For orders of 36-143 shirts the price is $9.00 (ash/gray shirts) $10.00 (black shirts) for youth sizes and adult sizes small - x large. For 2x and 3x sizes the price is $11.00 (ash/gray shirts), $12.00 (black shirts). For orders of 144 shirts or more the price is $7.00 (ash/gray shirts), $8.00 (black shirts). (2x and 3x are $9.00 (ash/gray shirts), $10.00 (black shirts).


Shipping - We ship via Federal Express ground. Shipping charges depend on the dollar cost of the order. Orders under $300 are charged 15%; orders $300 to $999 are charged 10%; orders of $1,000 or more are charged 8%. We generally ship the next business day after receiving your order. Depending on your location, orders usually arrive within five days. If you need quicker delivery, or delivery outside the U.S., we can make other shipping arrangements, but any additional costs will be passed on to the customer.  Occasionally, and this is almost always true on orders to Alaska, Hawaii, or International orders, the amount we are charged by Federal Express is greater than the percentages noted above. In these cases we charge exactly what FedEx charges us.

Sales tax - Orders for materials from schools or other non-profit agencies are not charged sales tax.

Invoicing/Making Payment - On credit card purchases, you pay on-line when you order. We will notify you via email when your order has shipped, and indicate tracking numbers and contents of the packages shipped to you. On other orders, we will send your invoice via email attachment. If we do not have an email address, or if required by your purchasing office, the invoice will be sent via U.S. Mail. Again we will provide tracking numbers and detail the contents of the packages that have been shipped. Sometimes organizations want an immediate invoice prior to shipping - we can also take care of that.

Checks should be made payable to the Center for Evidence-Based Programming and mailed to us at 23 Toledo Drive, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. Checks with order are appreciated, but not required. Please make your payment in a timely manner, within 30 days after receiving your order. Almost everyone does this; thank you. Orders for which payment has not been received within 60 days after product delivery will be charged a 10 percent late fee.



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